Temple of Sacred Sound Protocols (Please Read)

  • Before you enter the Toning Chambers, spend just a few moments in contemplation. Please become aware that your thoughts, sounds, feelings and visualizations are part of the process of raising the vibratory rate of the planet.
  • Please treat the Temple of Sacred Sound with reverence and respect. Stay focused and clear – and please partake in this experience without any other distraction.
  • Please be as clear as possible before you join us. Take a few moments to become centered and release the distractions of daily concerns – holding only love, compassion and appreciation in your heart.
  • The energy of sound coupled with the feeling of appreciation can be one of the most powerful ways to project intentional sound. In order to achieve this, here are a few suggestions:


1. On the next screen, choose a sound chamber with a particular chant that resonates with you and enter.

2. Sit calmly, listening to the sounds while you begin to gently breathe, visualizing your breath going in and out of your heart. This begins to create a coherent wave between your heart and your brain, amplifying the electromagnetic field around yourself.

3. As you are breathing in this manner, think of something that you feel appreciative for – it could be a scene such a being on a beach or a mountain, or a spouse or a child – anything or anyone with whom you feel a sense of gratitude. Feel this sense of gratefulness and appreciation.

4. Now with the feeling of appreciation visualize this planet and all of the beings on it. Begin making the sound of the particular chamber projecting it to the planet and all the sentient beings on it. Become aware that this sound is assisting in creating unity, peace and harmony on the Earth.


Now please click the Enter Toning Chamber image at the top of this page