Welcome to the Temple of Sacred Sound!

The Temple of Sacred Sound is an interactive website that will enable you to consciously project sacred sound for the purpose of Personal and Global Harmonization, thus assisting and enhancing peace and harmony on Earth. Within the Temple of Sacred Sound you will find the Toning Chambers.

There are 4 different and unique Toning Chambers where you can harmonically unite with different sacred sounds. When you enter each of the Chambers, you will hear a background sound that is composed of a mixture of thousands of people. You will also find extraordinary graphics to view in order to enhance your experience. Once you are in a toning Chamber, we invite you to sound forth with you voice, while projecting the intention of healing onto the tones you make. The combination of sound and consciousness are profound and powerful means of co-creating transformation on both a personal and planetary level.

Enjoy the Temple of Sacred Sound and know that “We can transform the world with Our Love, Our Light and Our Sound!


Harmonically Yours,

Jonathan Goldman